Welcome to Keza Corporation

That which is innovative and new can sometimes feel weird at first:  think Google, Amazon, and Zillow.  For those whose lives have been transformed by Keza Corporation, the name will always elicit a positive connotation.

Keza Corp. | Keza Realty is a groundbreaking approach to the real estate business model.  Just as the average transaction has the potential to make a lasting change in a person’s life, Keza Corp. seeks to make an enduring, positive impact on society and the community.

By helping clients secure their piece of the American dream, develop sound real estate investment strategies, and leverage existing investment properties to create lasting wealth, Keza Corp. accomplishes that goal. With extensive experience in real estate sales, managing long-term investments, assisting clients with 1031 exchanges, and Deferred Sales Trusts, Amber Martin brings diverse, valuable insight into every transaction.

Already a frequent volunteer with strong Christian values, Amber found inspiration on a mission trip she took with her daughter to help vulnerable children in Rwanda in 2016.  During the trip, a woman named Mary who heads up the Orphan Care Center chose to honor Amber’s daughter Sydney with the nickname Keza, which translates to beautiful or sweetie, and with that, Keza Corp. was born.

Keza Corp. is focused on making the world a better place, one real estate transaction and new relationship at a time.  The brokerage serves the community by gathering charitable contributions and participating in a variety of volunteer efforts. We are enthusiastic about the chance to provide clients with a life-changing result and welcome new team members who want to be a part of something bigger.

“Charities, communities, & families across the globe will flourish & thrive alongside the growth & success of Keza Corporation”.  Amber J. Martin, CEO